About Us

Female Owned & Operated


We're a proudly female owned company.    We believe in empowering women through training, education, and employment



Our family owned company is rooted in the heart of Van Wert County. Born and raised, each member of our leadership team has served the public of Van Wert in multiple capacities, including Police, Fire, and more. 



Our vision is that coffee should be a sustainable, renewable resource.  We only source our coffee from family owned farms, ensuring a fair wage and per poundage payment.   We believe that all customers are our family and we treat each as such.

Our Leadership

Cheryl Bowen, President, CEO


Born and raised in Van Wert County, Cheryl has served in a public capacity for over 30 years, working for the City of Van Wert.  After retiring, she dedicates her time to family, grand babies, travel, and of course, Coffee!

Laura Bowen, Managing Partner


Laura is Van Wert County Native.  She hails from a family of public service and farming.  Laura has vast experience as a manager in retail.  Laura sets our daily goals, product management, and menu development.  She is the lead trainer, educator, and facilitator of our company. 

Allison Kennedy, Manager


Born and Raised in Van Wert, Allison is a long time employee of Brewed Expressions.  She works daily to ensure that all customers have an amazing experience at each our locations.  She is responsible for product distribution, hiring, and facilities management.